Despite the fact that heat-related injuries and illnesses (including heat stroke) are 100% preventable, the incidence of heat-related injuries and illnesses continues to rise each year. The heat-related death rates of crop workers is 19 times higher than that of all U.S. civilian workers!

Why? Because most worksites do not have any heat-education safety training for their employees or proper emergency cooling set-up in place to save workers’ lives.

A study of OSHA citations issued between 2012 and 2013 revealed 20 cases of heat-related illness or death of workers [Arbury et al. 2014]. In most of these cases, employers had no program to prevent heat illness, or programs were deficient; and acclimatization was the program element most commonly missing and most clearly associated with worker death. 

Kenzen is here to help with the launch of our worksite Heat Safety Program.

Worker on the job in hot sunlight


  • Heat education & safety training to all employees

  • Emergency cooling training

  • The equipment necessary to employ emergency cooling

  • Workplace assessments to recommend specific work/rest schedules for your workers

  • Individualized hydration plans for any workers at your site (to prevent the added stress of dehydration)

  • Heat acclimatization prescriptions for workers

This comprehensive package will ensure that your employees understand the signs & symptoms of heat injury & illness, what to do in an emergency situation, how much water to drink to stay hydrated, and how to balance work/rest schedules for optimal performance and productivity.

Let Kenzen help you keep your employees safe- remember: heat-related injuries and deaths are 100% preventable.

Start now & get more information here.

Reference: Jacklitsch, B., Williams, W. J., Musolin, K., Coca, A. P., Kim, J. H. P., & Turner, N. P. (2016). Occupational exposure to heat and hot environments. Department of Health and Human Services. National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH).

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