New Physiological Monitoring Technology and Privacy Policy Designed to Safeguard Workers’ Rights While Bringing Valuable Insights to Employers

October 27, 2020 (NEW YORK) – As companies around the world rapidly adopt wearable industrial devices to improve worker safety and business productivity, the protection of personal information being collected is an ongoing concern. Kenzen, the smart personal protective equipment innovator or industrial internet of things innovator)  that recently launched a physiological monitoring system to keep workers safe from heat, overexertion, and illness, has debuted a new privacy policy for its system that is precedent-setting in the data collection industry. The policy details the type of information collected from a worker, how a worker can opt out of the system, how long the data is available, and who owns it. The privacy policy is accessible on the Kenzen website and is easy to understand, to ensure all workers can learn about the system and know their rights when Kenzen is deployed at their worksite.

The Kenzen system collects 1.3 million data points per worker per day. The information is used to protect the workers from injury on the job while helping to optimize total worker health. Three distinct views of the data are available at different levels within a company, one for the worker, one for the safety supervisor, and one for corporate EHS. Kenzen’s proprietary algorithms filter data at each level to keep the most private information available only to the worker. When the information indicates a need for an intervention to prevent the worker from overheating, an alert and suggested next steps are sent to the supervisor. At the corporate level, health and safety teams receive anonymized trend information derived from the original data, which they use to make decisions to improve safety at the worksite.

The technology and the privacy policy were built from the ground up with the worker as the primary focus, according to Heidi Lehmann, co-founder and chief commercial officer of Kenzen. The company collaborated closely with Working Capital Venture Fund, which invests in scalable innovation that meets the growing demand for more transparent and ethical supply chains which protect workers.  Working Capital, a Kenzen investor, is headquartered in San Francisco, the epicenter of Internet of Things technology, with offices in Washington D.C., where the firm advocates for workers’ rights.

“The definition of worker safety now includes protection of personal information,” said Lehmann. “From the beginning, we’ve engineered worker privacy into our technology and now have created a standard-setting companion privacy policy. Until now, companies had to weigh the benefits of saving lives and gaining productivity against the risk of exposing workers’ personal data in the process. As the business case for personal monitoring gets stronger, worker privacy safeguards must also get stronger.”

“Kenzen is at its core committed to protecting workers, and this includes respecting their privacy,” said Paarul Dudeja, managing partner at Working Capital Innovation Fund. “As smart personal protective equipment become essential, other innovators should study Kenzen’s approach to differentiating access to personal information such that it allows the technology to fulfill its promise without compromising the right to privacy.”

“This is a model for all smart PPE companies,” said Kelly DeMarchis Bastide, partner at Venable law firm, which collaborated with Kenzen on the policy and is known for its work in data privacy.

About Kenzen

Founded in 2016, Kenzen is the premier physiological monitoring platform to keep industrial workforces safe from heat, over exertion and illness on the job. For more information about heat stress and how to integrate the system into a safety plan, visit

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Smart PPE patch monitors and relays real-time stress indicators to protect workers against heat injuries and death 

May 7, 2020 (NEW YORK)Kenzen, the smart PPE innovator focused on physiological monitoring and the prevention of heat injury and death among workers, has launched a real-time worker heat monitoring system. The Cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) system includes a wearable device worn by workers on their arm which alerts both the worker and their supervisor when core body temperature is too high.  Real-time alerts allow for immediate intervention and worker safety from heat injuries.

The wearable, via its advanced sensor complement, monitors multiple physiological and environmental metrics, including heart rate, activity, skin and ambient temperatures. Together, these sensor data allow for the real-time prediction of core body temperature, providing alerts to workers and supervisors when temperatures approach unsafe levels.

Kenzen mobile rest alert for the worker

Kenzen’s multi-level alerts are sent to workers via device vibration, iOS or Android app notification, and to supervisors via web dashboard alert signaling that the worker should take a break and allow his/her temperature to return to safe levels.  Alerts are accompanied by actionable recommendations such as advising the worker to take a break, find shade, drink water, or remove any excess clothing and equipment to decrease body heat. A second “back to work” alert then indicates when the worker’s core body temperature has returned to a safe level.

Data captured by the system can be used to help companies identify heat risk and proactively manage outcomes by adapting worksites accordingly to improve worker safety while maximizing productivity. Modifications may include changes to work-rest schedules, where and when to add water and shade stations, the addition of air-conditioned rest areas and even recommendations for pre-staging ice-bath locations in case of extreme weather and working conditions. The data can also inform decisions around workplace expenditures such as certain equipment and clothing.

“The Kenzen system is all about prediction and prevention. Heat related injuries are 100% preventable but potentially deadly and difficult to detect until it’s too late,” said Heidi Lehmann, chief commercialization officer for Kenzen.

Kenzen dashboard

The Kenzen system has been piloted on worksites of large industrial conglomerates across the globe in domains such as construction, field services, power, oil and gas, and renewable energy.  In the future, open APIs will allow integration into large connected-worker platforms. Kenzen also expects to receive Intrinsic Safety (IS) certification for use of its system, a prerequisite for use in many oil and gas, mining and other enclosed environments later this year.  Once approved the system would be among the first smart PPE products to receive Zone 0 IS certification, which authorizes safe operation of electrical equipment in hazardous areas where any thermal or electrical malfunction is catastrophic.

Kenzen is sold as a subscription on a per-worker, per-month basis.

About Kenzen

Founded in 2014, Kenzen is the premier physiological monitoring platform to keep work forces safe from heat, fatigue and over exertion on the job. For more information about heat stress and how to integrate the system into your safety plan, visit



Live from Shanghai this Week

As mentioned earlier this month, we were thrilled to be named an Honoree for the 2018 CES Asia Innovation Awards. The CES Asia Innovation Awards celebrates outstanding product design and engineering in brand-new consumer technology products from CES Asia exhibitors.

After this exciting announcement, Technode named Kenzen Best Health Startup as part of the CES Asia Startup Awards. Key quotes from the Technode article below:

“The Consumer Technology Association (CTA) announced today that CES Asia 2018 Startup Park will boast the largest exhibition since its inception, with more than 100 of the most innovative exhibitors from across the world expected to showcase their latest technology. To honor those with the greatest potentials to lead future investment and technology development trends, TechNode will present a new awards program, CES Asia Startups Awards.”

“We are thrilled to have TechNode producing the CES Asia Startup Awards highlighting some of the most anticipated innovations across the technology industry,” said John T. Kelley, senior director, international programs and show director, CES Asia. “Startup Park attendees will experience the next generation of breakthrough technologies drawing some of the world’s best and brightest startup communities, and even possibly witness the birth of the next ‘Unicorn!’”

“CES Asia Startup Awards will showcase startups with breakthrough technology, and discover the true force of innovation from China and around the world,” the Founder & CEO of TechNode, Dr. Lu Gang, noted.”

CES Awards 2018

A Very Big Thank You to Swissnex China

We are here at CES together with Swissnex China. Swissnex China “acts as a platform to foster the exchanges among creative thinkers between Switzerland and China”.

We are stationed in the CES Asia 2018 Startup Park, which boasts “the largest exhibition since its inception, with more than 100 of the most innovative exhibitors from across the world expected to showcase their latest technology.” We are located at the SNIEC Hall N4.

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Kenzen is thrilled to be honored as an innovator for the upcoming CES Asia in Shanghai as one of three companies honored in the Sports and Fitness category, June 13-15 in Shanghai for products that demonstrate amazing ingenuity, unique features and outstanding design.

We’re participating via the Swissnex China organization representing one of the top 7 start-ups in Switzerland, which is where our scientific and R&D teams are based.

Please stop by the Kenzen booth #4374 in Hall N4 to meet our Chief Operating Officer, Edith Schmid, and Chief Product Officer, Nora Levinson, to see our latest product, get a demo, and learn more about our exciting plans for the future.

Kenzen has been previously recognized for innovation by TechCrunch (Athlete of the Future Award) Fast Company (Transformative Healthcare Solution) and Winner of Google Demo Day 2017.

CES Asia Patch



Dr. Sonia Sousa

To all friends and partners of Kenzen

I have some very sad news to share. My co-founder and business partner, Dr. Sonia Sousa, passed away earlier this week.

Those of us who have been fortunate enough to work closely with Sonia lost a truly remarkable and inspirational friend. Sonia’s vision of using technology to improve the health and lives of others will remain the foundation of Kenzen. Our team is now more committed than ever to realizing this vision.

Our hearts and prayers are with her family. If you’d like to pass along any memories, thoughts or condolences, you can send an email to remembersonia [at]

No words can adequately express our sadness at Sonia’s passing. We will remember her passion, energy and enthusiasm, and honor her memory by continuing the work she loved so much.

Steve Pecko
Co-Founder, Kenzen